Leonard Fleck is a Professor and Acting Director of the Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences. His research interests focus on medical ethics and health care policy.

Dr. Fleck received his Ph.D. from St. Louis University. Prior to joining MSU in 1985, he held positions at St. Louis University, St. Mary’s College, and Indiana University at South Bend. He has served as a Staff Ethicist for the Governor’s Task Force on Access to Health Care (Michigan) and was also a Member of Hillary Clinton’s Task Force on Health Reform.

Health Reform.


Dr. Fleck explores the role of community dialogue (rational democratic deliberation) in addressing controversial issues of ethics and public policy related to emerging genetic technologies. More recently, he has been working on a manuscript that addresses a number of ethical and policy issues related to precision medicine, primarily in a cancer treatment context.

Leonard Fleck


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