Cancer Courses


Interested in cancer research? Wondering what types of courses are offered at MSU? See below for a list of some classes and educational opportunities with an emphasis on (or inclusion of) cancer or oncology.

Note: Most cancer-focused courses require pre-requisites and are therefore available to undergraduate juniors/seniors or graduate students. Check out course descriptions for complete information and requirements.

CMB800-001 Advanced Seminar Series Innovative approaches for cancer diagnostics in the era of precision medicine

Course focuses on the use of liquid biopsies for early detection and diagnosis of cancer. General concepts in nanobiology, advantages and disadvantages of different types of bioanalytes/biomarkers (cells, extracellular vesicles, DNA, RNA, protein, glycans), and processing of liquid biopsies for cancer detection applications. Analysis and design of studies for cancer detection using liquid biopsies (blood or other body fluids). Application of cutting-edge methodologies and technologies for quantitative measurement of bioanalytes/biomarkers in liquid biopsies.

IBIO 450  Cancer Biology (W)

Cancer biology: cellular and molecular aspects. Applications of modern biotechnology to cancer research. Causes, treatment, and prevention of cancer. World distribution and risk factors of cancer.

PHM 980/PSL 950 Cancer Biology

Graduate students interested in cancer research and/or developing new drugs for cancer are encouraged to enroll. This course will explore foundational concepts in cancer biology and introduce seminal papers on selected topics. Objectives are to: provide a survey of the hallmarks of cancer, learn the molecular and genetic basis of cancer, and understand the challenges of translating basic science discoveries into effective therapeutic agents.

EPI 823  Cancer Epidemiology

Basic principles of carcinogenesis. Major etiologic factors, types of malignancies, and biomarkers for susceptibility and exposure. Prevention and early detection of cancer.

SCS 654  Clinical Medical Oncology Clerkship

Management of veterinary cancer patients, including diagnosis, staging evaluation, prognostication and multimodality therapy. Daily clinical rounds and didactic topics.

OGR 612  Gynecologic Oncology Clerkship

Inpatient and ambulatory gynecologic oncology, breast disease, and complicated benign gynecology in the preceptor mode. Pre-treatment evaluation and cancer management, including surgery.

HNF 840  Human Nutrition and Chronic Diseases

Dietary intervention and treatment of chronic diseases: obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders and cancer.

PHM 430  Human Pharmacology

General principles of pharmacology. Central nervous system and autonomic nervous system, cardiovascular, renal, cancer, microbial, and endocrine pharmacology.

BLD 446  Immunobiology of Neoplasia

The biology of neoplastic cells (cancers, leukemias, lymphomas), the immune response to neoplasias, and immunotherapy of cancer.

BLD 447  Immunomodulation and Immunotherapy

Current applications of Immunology understanding in the immunomodulation and immunotherapy of infectious disease, immunodeficiencies, autoimmune disease, and cancers.

HNF 472  Medical Nutrition Therapy II

Anatomical, physiological and biochemical changes associated with hematologic, musculoskeletal, renal, respiratory, hepatobiliary, cancer, HIV/AIDS, metabolic stress and multiple organ failure. Nutrition assessment, nutrition diagnoses, interventions, monitoring and evaluation, documentation and quality improvement as guided by Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' Nutrition Care Process. Interactions of diet therapies with other therapies including pharmacologic and complementary and alternative medicine.

HNF 826  Obesity and Chronic Disease

Adipose biology and the role of obesity in chronic disease including diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

MED 610  Oncology Clerkship

Data collection, problem solving and management of prevalent cancers in children and adults. Standard therapies and emerging experimental therapies. Pathobiology of cancer.

HM 616  Radiation Oncology Clerkship

Diagnosis, staging, and treatment of cancers amenable to radiation therapy modalities. Indications for and complications of radiation therapy in definitive and palliative settings.

SCS 567  Small Animal Clinical Oncology

Overview of cancer in dogs and cats. Clinical management.

MMG 490 Special Problems in Microbiology - Understanding Cancer: From Biology and Epidemiology to Prevention and Therapy

This course is designed to give students a fundamental knowledge of cancer biology, its essential concepts, and the most common disease examples. The course covers mechanisms of carcinogenesis, cancer genes and signaling pathways, tumor microenvironment and metastasis, tumor immunology, diagnostics, cancer therapies, prevention and political economics of cancer.