André Bachmann is a Professor in the Department of Pediatrics and Human Development. His research focuses on the development of polyamine and proteasome inhibitors in pediatric and adult cancer patients.

Dr. Bachmann received his M.S. in Microbiology and Ph.D. in Biology as well as his postdoctoral training from the University of Zurich. Prior to joining MSU, he was a Professor at the NCI-designated UH Cancer Center and Department Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the College of Pharmacy. Dr. Bachmann is the Associate Chair for Research within MSU’s Department of Pediatrics and Human Development.


Dr. Bachmann’s preclinical studies showed that the ODC inhibitor DFMO induces tumor growth arrest in pediatric neuroblastoma and this led to several DFMO clinical trials. The Bachmann lab currently investigates novel ODC inhibitors and synergistic DFMO drug combinations (e.g., SPR inhibitor, sulfasalazine; DHPS inhibitor, GC7). Dr. Bachmann and colleagues also discovered a new class of natural products-derived proteasome inhibitors (Syrbactins). Most recently, his team discovered a new neurodevelopmental condition in children linked to a gain-of-function mutation in the ODC1 gene, which is treatable with DFMO and referred to as Bachmann-Bupp Syndrome.

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