Tarek Haykal is a Clinical Instructor and Academic Research Chief Resident at the Hurley Medical Center in Flint, which is affiliated with MSU’s College of Human Medicine. His research focuses on cancer prevention, such as the use of vitamin D as a supplement for cancer patients.

Dr. Haykal received his M.D. from the Lebanese University, Faculty of Medical Sciences in Beirut. He came to Michigan in June 2017 for his residency.


Dr. Haykal’s recent research focuses on cancer prevention. Current research involves the analysis of clinical trial databases to determine the effect of taking vitamin D for cancer prevention. The research team has determined that while vitamin D does not reduce cancer incidence, the data does show that the supplement decreases cancer-related mortality after a cancer diagnosis. In other studies, aspirin has been studied as a primary prevention method for multiple diseases, mainly cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer. Dr. Haykal and others have evaluated the efficacy and safety of aspirin as a preventative agent for cancer. They found that aspirin did not provide any significant reductions in cancer-related mortality or cancer incidence when compared with placebo and highlight the dangers of aspirin for prevention of cancer as aspirin was found to cause higher rates of bleeding compared to placebo.

tarek haykal

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